Waiting for "The Call"

Hunter has been listed at his new score for 12 days now. There is no telling how long he will have to wait for a donor liver to become available. Our centers average wait time is two and a half months. We have gotten everything packed up and in the car so that we will be ready no matter when his call comes. 

Hunter has been battling a cold this week and unfortunately missed his last week of school before break but he did manage act well enough to make it to his class party. We are hoping that he will be back to normal soon. We are unsure if he would be able to go through with transplant should he get the call while he is still sick. Our transplant coordinator said that it will just depend. Being sick with even a common cold can increase his risk of complications so we are really fighting to get him well again so that he will be ready when the time comes.

Hunter is very excited about Christmas and spending extra time with our family and friends. We have a week full of family gatherings and Christmas fun for him to enjoy. Watching the excitement of the holidays though him is the greatest gift of all!


This will probably be my last update until after Christmas (unless of course we get the call). We truly appreciate everyone's love and support for Hunter and our family. We hope that you all have a great holiday with the ones that you love!



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